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3T Equipment 3T Equipment Company was founded in 1986 by Tom Sutliff, President, and Tim Kennedy, Vice President. After several years of working for other supply organizations, both Tom and Tim realized that they needed to advance the products and services offered to sewer maintenance professionals. Rather than simply selling products to customers, they envisioned an equipment company that also provided supportive services for its clients, and acted as a center for industry information and resources.

Nearly 20 years later, 3T Equipment Company is still as customer focused as they were in their founding days. President, Tom Sutliff, and Vice-President, Tim Kennedy remain accessible to their customers 24/7 and have not lost sight of how important it is to take the extra step to make sure their customers’ needs are met. Much of the success of 3T Equipment Company can be attributed to this accessibility. Listening to customers directly over the years helped motivate the founders to develop new solutions for industry issues.

The popular Prowler Easement Machine, for example, was created by the owners of 3T Equipment Company due to their dissatisfaction with similar products on the market. Through their hands on customer service approach, they were able to not only recognize a need for a better product, but also develop a product that is now in demand internationally. This just goes to show that you get out of your business as much as you put into it, and thankfully Tom Sutliff and Tim Kennedy continue their hands on, customer focused business approach each and every day.

Customer Service
Professional Industrial Equipment 3T Equipment Company always has and always will emphasize the importance of mutual respect and trust between our employees and customers. We are constantly out in the field working with customers, bringing products and services to them when necessary.
Professional Industrial Equipment When you make a purchase from 3T Equipment Company, you get more than just a product; you get access to years of industry knowledge and experience, information, and resources – directly from the founders. Our hands-on approach not only keeps our customers happy, but also keeps us current and engaged in industry trends.
Global Reach
Professional Industrial Equipment 3T Equipment Company is internationally recognized for developing industry solutions, as they did with the popular Prowler Easement Machine. We plan on maintain our global reach over the years by expanding the communities we serve and constantly evaluating what products and services are needed to serve them best.
Industry Pride
Professional Industrial Equipment Maintaining sewers is a vital function in the sanitation and health of the communities we serve. We recognize our essential role in modern society, and take pride in the fact that 3T Equipment Company is the best at what we do.


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